Sunday, May 27, 2012

President Willardson's Quilt

As sisters of the Mt. View Stake, we decided to make our stake president, President Lyman Willarson a quilt. We asked that the sisters submit 9-1/2 inch blocks.  The theme of the quilt was "Sea and Sky."  We also asked the sisters to keep the colors limited to white and any shade of blue.  Everything the sisters did was AMAZING!!  Here are the pictures of the process :)
We asked the sisters to turn in the blocks by Sunday, May 20th, 2012.  Once we could see the blocks, Marion McClellan and Annette Rawlinson went "hunting" (aka shopping) for the perfect sashing, borders, backing and binding.. all quilt talk for the fabric that turns 55 quilt blocks into a beautiful quilt :)
This is what we came home with.
Marion trimmed the blocks and sewed them all together.

This is a shot of the back.
 Next, the quilt back was taken to the stake center, Thursday, May 24th, 2012 so the quilt could be quilted by the sisters of the stake.  we started at 9:45 am and finished about 7:45 pm.

Marion taking a picture of the underside of the quilt, her favorite part.

Trudy Peck playing peek-a-boo with Marion

Debbie Lewis, Shanelle Carrol and Ruth Jepson

Delilah Curtis

Nadine Evans

Annette Rawlinson

More back shots.  Can you see the needles?

Freshly popped off of the quilting frames.

Marilynn Lankford adding some last minute touches.
The binding is underway :)

Ruth Jepson got this block to us at the last moment.  It made the PERFECT quilt label :)

Saturday morning, the binding was finished :)  Here are some shots of the quilt all finished, quilted, bound and labeled :)

Another shot of the back.  Doesn't it look cool with the light coming through the back?

President Willardson is a bee keeper. Annette Rawlinson made this block to honor that hobby of his :)

The following pictures are from Sunday the 27th when we gave the quilt to President Willardson.  This is Nadine and Marion holding the quilt up for a quick shot before President Willardson arrived.

Marion had an appointment with President Willardson at 5pm.  She made him close his eyes and led him into the Relief Society room where the quilt and the ladies were waiting :)

He cried, we cried :)

This truly was a labor of love for a stake president that we all love dearly!

ps- If you'd like to read more about the process of making the quilt, Marion has blogged about it on her blog HERE.

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